Jagged Allience: Back in Action

ImageBack in Action is actually pretty good

sure, the interface is frustrating and AI is god awful at times, but it’s a lot of fun and much more accessible without dumbing it down much. some features are fantastic, like every object having a unique model so you can tell what weapon the enemy or armour they are using has just by looking at them, i still think that being able to see the enemy all the time makes it just a tad too easy, and the AI shit’s itself occasionally which makes a fire fight suddenly easy

Easy to get in to
Faster Paced
More Fun
Actually possible to get guns in the early game
more guided experience
better camouflage system
new Militia system

map interface is awful
Camera is a bit awkward
No make your own Mercenary
Skill system isn’t as good
hiring screen has less options yet is more difficult to use
new militia system

7/10, if you like these types of games, you will enjoy this. if you are not sure, it’s a really good place to start

Range is your friend, staying far away, prone on the ground with a rifle makes taking down pistol packers very easy 
Shotguns are done properly and are devastating in short range yet still usable at medium range
You don’t need the expensive people at the start because proper guns are actually available after taking the first area
save manually, often
Pick up every gun you find to arm your militia with
Fight at night, buy as much night camo gear as you can

4 Responses to “Jagged Allience: Back in Action”

  1. Hot damn, looking pretty useful buddy.

  2. Finally listened to this show today, and I’ve gotta say, you guys sreocd a big one by getting Tommy on your network. Both shows are absolutely must-listen material. I like the way he does both live calls and pre-recorded calls from long-time Resist in-the-field listeners as well. That’s a great way to have reports of possible media-blackout-stories get out to the masses. This may very well be my favorite show here. Tommy may be an old-timer, but his wisdom is right up there with Dr. Pierce as far as I’m concerned. He and Wolf Wall Street are an invaluable addition to Truth Militia.

  3. Your cranium must be pritocteng some very valuable brains.

  4. Hmmmmm . Mixed opinions for me. I alwyas try to upload a Brickfilm every 2 weeks (even if it is a 30 second short) but I do it for a number of reasons. I love writing, so I really enjoy writing the scripts. When it comes to filming and editing, I often get bored. But then I think of my audience that are waiting to see something, and I simply can’t let them down!Usually, I’m impressed with my work and I never upload anything I’m not proud of. Sometimes, I’ll watch some of my Brickfilms from 2008-9 and watch a newer one, just to compare. So, I like making my Brickfilms for both myself, and my audience.

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